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VOIS architects, Athens, Greece

Tuesday 13 Mar 2012

Mirrored shapes create a summer house

VOIS architects_2012 
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A residence in the area of Marathon brings a historical event into the present day 

At VOIS architects, their "inspiration is everyday life. Simple habits, images, moments define our architectural route. Our rule is alternation. Every project is a new start. Our methodology is dialogue. A continuous contact and analysis of the actual person, context and typology. Our product is a concept. Every concept a particular architectural story, read and interpreted in different scales."

Their Battle_field project is a summer house for a private client completed in November 2010. The site is located at the area of Marathon, a city near Athens, next to the spot that the 'The Battle of Marathon' took place in 490BC. A glimpse at the layout of the Greek army, which led to victory, showed a 'Π' shape layout, with weaker centre and stronger edges. This 'Π' shape was defined as the starting point for designing a perfect symmetrical house, on the flat field in Marathon area.

The building evolves in ways of perfect symmetry and mirroring of itself. This symmetry extends to the surrounding field as well.The site is treated in whole as a perfect 'Battle_field' of symmetry and order.

Battle_field is configured in two main elements: the house and the garden. Each one offers very different functions but in a very symmetrical and coherent way that complete and enhance the connection between the exterior and interior. The house has two mirrored entrance points, one public and one private that lead to two sections accordingly. In the centre, there is a double height living room with a clear view to the pool. The upper floor is composed by four bedrooms, two on each section. The exterior of the house is comprised in two materials. The groundfloor is covered in long, perpendicular, rough stones and the top is finished by grayish plaster. The garden is developed as an extension of the groundfloor, using the stone wall as a repetitive element that creates fields of different activities and cultivation. Here the pool is situated, with the BBQ, seating areas, tree & flower fields.

Being on a flat field, allowed the architects to extend symmetrically and in parallel on the whole, suggesting outdoor spaces of equal importance to the indoor ones that form together a strategic 'Battle_field' of living.

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