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P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S MSA, Rosario, Argentina

Tuesday 13 Mar 2012

Patterns in architecture

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16/04/12 ar.sushree, bhubaneswar,orissa
too good pattern but would have been more highlighted when worked a little bit over colour.

Award Entry

Pursuing architecture that is both exceptional and accessible 

With a decidedly global reach and working across multiple scales, programmes, cultures and economies, P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S MSA pursues architecture that is both exceptional and accessible, forward looking and subtle, distinctly contemporary in its formal and material aesthetics and unapologetically timeless in its functional, spatial and environmental performance.

P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S MSA creative process involves an analytical approach to the specifics of each project, demand and context, combined with an imaginative philosophy and artistic sensibility for the design of architectural form and a sophisticated technological solution for its construction and material assembly. Deploying a pragmatic imagination during all phases of design, their approach fluidly integrate speculative thinking with an effective production, thus creating projects that maintain a refined balance between theoretical and aesthetic concerns, contemporary demands and long lasting values such as functionality and organisation.

Their work aims to the production of innovative spatial forms that actively engage, enhance and influences life, particularly the life of the body, constantly challenging its relationship to the built environment akin to the complexity of contemporary life. Exploring the effects of digital technology on issues ranging from urban mass, interstitial form, composite assembly to materiality and sensation; they pursue a synthetic realism in architecture, one that can be both artificial and ecological, material and cultural, progressive and humane.

They propose an extended outlook to architectural form. Driven by computation, this isn't just an abstract formalism, but a formalism deeply embedded in the physics of materials, construction methods and advanced manufacturing processes. Facilitated by global communications and new technologies, this is a formalism that can be sensitive to local contexts by being adaptive and specific, elastic and resilient, strategic and opportunistic. Neither disciplinary autonomous nor professionally neutral, architectural form is as much about its own material and tectonic anatomy as the multiple patterns of social behavior it elicits.            

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