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Walkden High School, Manchester, United Kingdom

Monday 12 Mar 2012

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Award Entry

Aedas creates new high school based on off-site 'kit-parts' which can be used for other buildings 

Walkden High School is one of two innovative sample schools designed for Salford's BSF programme. Not only has this development created a school fit for the 21st century, it has also been a key primer for local regeneration. The design is based on an off-site manufactured kit of parts that can be applied to other school buildings and has been applied to at least five other school buildings in the area thereby increasing value for money and driving down costs.

Walkden High School is a genuinely uplifting and exciting learning environment, which has contributed to increasing the sense of pride, self-esteem and aspirations of those who use it. The building caters for 1,500 11-16 places and is designed to accommodate a range of learning styles and with a view to real future flexibility.

The building's organisation is simple and elegant. The lower floor is occupied with specialist accommodation which can be accessed by the local community. The upper floors are used for general teaching and are arranged into easily identifiable faculties accommodated on single floors within each wing.

One of the main drivers to achieving future flexibility has been the innovative use of offsite fabrication and a pre-cast concrete frame which allow large column-free spaces facilitating a design that lends itself to quick and cost efficient adaptation. The school can be reconfigured at a lower cost (20-30% less) and with far less disruption than traditional school buildings, delivering a product that is easily adapted to future educational demand.

The school design also offers radical reductions in operating costs through reduced energy consumption and less need for regular maintenance and repair. The CIBSE award winning energy efficient designs and the inherent robustness and durability of the school building will lead to savings in operating and maintenance costs of over £70,000 every year.

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