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Mauro Turin Architectes, Lausanne, Switzerland

Monday 12 Mar 2012

Drawing Gravity

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Award Entry

Mauro Turin Architectes discuss design through concepts of weaving, continuation and gravity 

At the root of Mauro Turin Architectes reflections is the lightness and emptiness of spaces that can be perceived in phenomenological dimensions.  In their work, they create empty spaces and reach for lightness neither by subtraction nor by addition but by continuation.  Working by continuation has allowed the architects to evolve towards what they call weaving the space. The weaving of a space starts to make sense as they make links between this method of continuation and gravity.

Mauro Turin Architectes outlook on gravity is that, instead of being a problem, it is a solution. Unlike common thinking that stands against it and reason from the bottom up, they deal with it from top to bottom. Through continuation, they draw gravity. They sketch in the air paths that it is likely to follow. It is by giving shape to gravity for each project, in a multitude of ways, that they weave space until they obtain empty spaces.  Then, the firm set out to refine those empty spaces: they become functional spaces and contours are described giving by consequence the definition of the object.

In the shape of these objects is registered its structure, the shape is what it supports. From here to say that the support is the space, there is one step. Here there is no structure on the one side and the envelope on the other: the envelope is the structure and the structure is the shape, the shape is the space and all these are one and the same.

Then, the resulting thing is an object which is at once one and all its components at the same time:  an object which is the space and the height, the light and the shadow, the thickness and the in-between, which is the edge, the structure, the shape, the material, the space.  The architects aspire to draw it again and again, always in a different way while the object contains a total coherence.

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