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Dadabhoy University - Hawkesbay New Campus Master Plan, Karachi, Pakistan

Wednesday 29 Feb 2012

Designing a way forward

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Shyan Associates aim to rebuild the crucible of national development in Pakistan 

Pakistan is a country in constant flux, with a complex socio-economic and geopolitical situation that has largely dissipated and disrupted its development for decades. Low national confidence means that many universities limit themselves to churning out low-threshold, low-value programmes that ultimately benefit neither the students nor society.

Dadabhoy University – established by the Dadabhoy Foundation - aims to change that. The University’s new Hawkesbay campus in Karachi is planned as a national development university with the specific mission of producing a full spectrum of graduates equipped for the demanding task of rebuilding Pakistan’s economy and society - as opposed to being just another degree mill churning out ill-equipped graduates who are out of sync with the country’s developmental needs. It is intended to be a social catalyst that will propel social change and play an effective role in nation (re)building.

The new campus is planned as a fully-integrated tertiary and quarternary education campus complete with student and staff housing, recreational facilities, an integrated business / technology park and a 300-bed teaching hospital. The architecture is shaped by the local cultural and climatic context, utilising passive energy conservation features such as extensive sunshading, angled facades, thermal bulk and extensive cross-ventilation to maintain interior comfort while reducing energy consumption, an important factor in energy-stressed Karachi.

Only enclosed spaces such as lecture theatres, seminar rooms and offices are air-conditioned. Faculties are located in self-contained blocks along circulation spines radiating out from the central administrative and library block. This allows modular expansion without disruption to existing buildings. The main block itself serves as a visual and spatial nexus of activity as well as an orientating device. Individual faculty blocks are organised with lecture theatres on the higher levels, tutorial / seminar rooms on the intermediate levels and open interaction areas and student facilities on the ground level. Faculty offices are located in a sub-block attached to each main block.

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