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EnterArchitecture, Sydney, Australia

Wednesday 29 Feb 2012

Enter-ing the age of modern living

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Award Entry

Enter Architecture seeks to redefine residential architecture through technology 

Enter Architecture is an office that prescribes the arrangement of data to catalyze built form. Spatial information is driven by limits. The firm focuses its technolicigally aided designs to function within these limits, breeding flexitbility and adaptability. By supporting an ongoing research and development, they allow for the design process of each individual project to collectively and continually evolve.

Architecture varies in scale and context; however, these differences can be mediated through materiality, form, and fucnction. Through the utlisation of techniques borrowed from other professions they fabricate viable, new, unique solutions, allowing both materiality and means of construction to aid in guiding the process.

Enter Architecture projects maintain a continuous flexibility, and allow novel properties and capacities to emerge from interaction during 3D development. These technoligically aided designs are supported by the contemporary techniques of fabrication. From their standpoint, it is both integral and necessary to incorporate inter-professional tools as they contribute to unique formal outcomes. The Aldrich Residence (completed in October 2011), Fraser Suites (completed March 2008), and Bondi Apartments (under construction) all ultilise flexible systems to adhere to the limits proposed by the praticality of built form. For instance, these systems interlace, shift, and shear past each other to create opportunities for integrating sustainablility; in turn, the building to become more evironmentally sound.

By continuously breeding opportunities within a flexible system, they believe in an architecture that engages with its social and local contexts. The projects illustrated challenge the architectural profession. They allow a system to redifine boundaries and create new solutions.  Enter Architecture must captivate interdisciplinary and inter-professional tools, techniques, and methodologies to craft architecture as architects once have. As architects they claim they must synthesize information to produce for the future.

Key Facts

Status Aldrich ,completed November 2011, Fraser Suites completed March 2008, Bondi under construction
Value 0(m€)
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