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Margot Krasojevic, London, United Kingdom

Monday 27 Feb 2012

Hanging on...

Margot Krasojevic 
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Award Entry

Margot Krasojevic reveals a hanging hotel for rock climbers and facade cinema 

Margot Krasojevic analyses digital parameters in order to manifest the virtual into the actual. By using technology and empirical psychology as tools to define design criteria's, question typology and their relevance and evaluate the understanding of context as well as the physical environment which they believe can be two very different conditions.

The design studio explores the concept that what was once considered virtual has now become a subset of the real. Society has adapted and further expanded the awareness of virtual whereby architecture does not patronise or is subservient to society but symbiotic to change, adaptation and the evolution of perceived and inhabitable space. Architecture is the lexicon used to manifest individual and social transformation.

Projects include extreme sport typology such as rest stops for rock climbers (completed October 2011); polarised prism louvered glass spaces protect from glare by reflecting light creating an illusion that the sun is in a lower position than it actually is. Choreographing actual views and misleading illusions, which can occur due to anomalous perceptual experiences during mountain climbing. Simulating self-contained environments suspended from their immediate environments, taking into consideration natural light falling onto and transforming the immediate context, animating and suggesting ways of enhancing existing conditions. Focusing on continuously changing views whereby nothing is static.

Other projects, such as the façade cinema (completed November 2010), focus on choreographed narratives, whereby form is represented by a sequence suspended in time. Altered perceptions define the outside from the inside, employing kinetic sculptural gestures which never appear twice in the same way, giving the illusion of movement and a three dimensional space, an implied projected space. The facade becomes inhabitable.

Artistic heritage which does not fear undermining tradition, transgressing trend, politic or dogma by using motifs as references from which to evolve the nature of perception and narrative.

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