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Gramazio & Kohler and Raffaello D`Andrea in cooperation with ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Sunday 26 Feb 2012

Flight assembled architecture

Gramazio & Kohler, Zurich 
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Award Entry

The first architectural installation assembled by a multitude of quadrotor helicopters 

Flight Assembled Architecture is the first architectural installation assembled by flying robots, free from the touch of human hands. The installation is an expression of a rigorous architectural design by Gramazio & Kohler and a visionary robotic system by Raffaello D'Andrea.

Flight Assembled Architecture consists of over 1.500 modules which are placed by a multitude of quadrotor helicopters, collaborating according to mathematical algorithms that translate digital design data to the behaviour of the flying machines. In this way, the flying vehicles, together, extend themselves as "living" architectural machines and complete the composition from their dynamic formation of movement and building performance.

Within the build, an architectural vision of a 600m high "Vertical Village" for 30 000 inhabitants unfolds as model in 1:100 scale. This newly founded village is located in the rural area of Meuse, taking advantage of an existing TGV train connection that brings its inhabitants to Paris in less than one hour.

The rigorous architectural design is characterised by a porous arrangement, performing a grid-like organisation. This however does not run horizontally as in an ideal or grid city but is turned vertically, folded over like an arch and closed to form a circular entity. Through this, a geometric order is generated that is not only the basis for the particular self-stabilising constructional feature of the whole structure, but also enables a varied program for the modules. These have a size of 30 m x 15 m x 10 m, and hold inside between one and three floors.

Each module is therefore - apart from its outer measurements - unique and interchangeable, they are essentially serial in nature yet being completely open to particular aesthetic, functional and spatial differentiation. It is from this quest of an "ideal" self-sustaining habitat that the authors pursue a radical new way of thinking and materialising verticality in architecture, Flight Assembled Architecture.

Andrea Kondziela (project lead), Sarah Bridges, Tim Burton, Thomas Cadalbert, Dr. Ralph Bärtschi, Peter Heckeroth, Marion Ott, Tanja Pereira, Dominik Weber, Dr. Jan Willmann

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