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MODUPOD Dynamic Re-locatable Classrooms, Sydney, Australia

Friday 24 Feb 2012


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19/03/13 paul southwell, canberra
where do we buy them?love it and need it


Award Entry

MODUPOD is an innovative architectural design scheme to create a re-locatable 21st Century learning environment 

The MODUPOD is an un-built project prepared for an Australian design incubator sponsored by the University of Melbourne and the Australian Institute of Architects. The brief called for a flexible and adaptable classroom concept capable of being tailored to address different physical contexts and then re-located and re-adapted to suit another school site with different parameters. In response to this brief, MODUPOD proposes a dynamic 21st Century learning environment that creates an inspiring implicit curriculum, the 3D text book - spatial forms that promote interaction and critical thinking for 21st century students.

Fast assembly, smart stimulating interiors and flexible 'Pods' place students and teachers at the heart of learning. MODUPOD embodies a new approach to learning; 2025 THE LEARNING CONTINUUM which responds to the plastic possibilities of environments which are fluid and transcendental in nature. The new physical components form to blend a seamless integrated environment which maximises the learning experience. MODUPOD dynamic multi-modal clusters are built around an 'Active Core'; a permeable student resource centre which supports unique pedagogical solutions by incorporating five standard learning modes. The Studio, Project, Breakout and Social Pods and the Outdoor Spaces support the modes of teaching and learning and are specified to meet the a spectrum of curriculum needs, site topographies and climatic conditions.

A fully expandable platform, the basic 60 student cluster can be expressed in series or groups to form a stimulating campus. MODUPOD’S easily reconfigurable flexible platform assimilates with current structures, supporting evolving pedagogy, site conditions and climate extremes. MODUPOD dynamic system is an ultra configurable PODS platform which is assembled around a permeable Active Core to create a seamless multi-modal learning environment.

The re-locatable classrooms provide a high degree of transferability from one climate zone to another and to a wide variety of physical and cultural contexts to support a wide range of teaching and learning styles. Transportable and re-transportable functions are central for longevity and reuse. The steel framed component shell provides an efficient bolt together solution. With MODUPOD educationalists can achieve a fast, smart, and flexible 21st Century learning environment.

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Status Concept Design
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