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Gonzalo Mardones Architecture Studio, Santiago, Chile

Wednesday 22 Feb 2012

Getting emotionally involved

Mirador Interactive Museum (photographer: Gonzalo Mardones) 
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Award Entry

An architecture which awakens the necessaries emotions due to its simplicity, its austerity and its contemporary style 

Gonzalo Mardones Architecture Studio is an architecture firm based in Santiago that has worked in Chile and abroad for several public and private clients. Gonzalo Mardones has been professor of architectural workshops and directed degree projects in the main Faculties of Architecture in Chile, in addition to having been guest professor and lecturer abroad. Mardones work has been published by the main architectural magazines and honoured at biennales, and he is a member of the Chilean Architects Association and founding member of the Association of Architectural Practices.

Gonzalo Mardones Architecture Studio aspires to a work of reflection, aesthetics, creative and very emotionally charged, with works which combine constructive reason with compositional reason. Architecture made for man, not for architects. An architecture which awakens the necessaries emotions due to its simplicity, its austerity, its contemporary style. In short, an experiential and essential architecture of ideas, light and space. Light used as the most important material in architecture. Mardones works are boxes of light, boxes aim to reflect light, control it, so as to obtain an architectural luminosity which awakens the senses.

Whatever the materiality of the work, there is an intention to represent that material as a whole.The firm want to skirt the limits between architecture and sculpture. Aspire to abstraction and consider composition one of the keys of architecture. Value the relation between architecture and nature, seeing how architecture tries to acknowledge the qualities of location, soil, water, colour, gradient, sky. How, through this relation can create spaces for the senses, for the present and for remembrance.

The approach to project leads inevitably to the meeting between the built work and its environment. Gonzalo Mardones Architecture Studio understand that each building as part of a whole. The correct use of local resource coupled with technical contribution of the building allows a construction sustainable over time.

Gonzalo Mardones Architecture Studio work includes:

Interactive Museum, Santiago, Chile (Competition winner, Completed, 1999)
Chilean Embassy, Berlin, Germany, (Completed, 2003)
Glamis Apartments, Santiago, Chile (Completed, 2006)
18 Fire Station, Santiago, Chile (Completed, 2008)
Police Museum, Santiago, Chile (Completed, 2010)
Miele Gallery, Santiago, Chile (Competition winner, Completed, 2011)
Ignacia Apartments, Santiago, Chile (Completed, 2012).


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Gonzalo Mardones

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