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Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects, Perth, Australia

Wednesday 22 Feb 2012

Around the world...

Orang-utans © Shannon McGrath 
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Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects use a variety of cultures to influence their eclectic designs 

Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects is a highly mobile practice that oscillates between the influence of living and studying in Europe (dense urban experience) and frequent visits to the West Australian desert (wide open space), understandably their projects continually and automatically exploit and reconcile the experience of these contradictory environments.

The firms' mobility is a strategy for importing ideas and critical appraisal of the local condition. This condition fluctuates between the experience of one of the oldest cultures (Aboriginal Australia) and one of the youngest built environments (224 years); resulting in a youthful optimism for experimentation supported by a mature approach to finding solutions that respect patterns of occupation.

Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects operates in a field that stretches over 3000 linear km, seven climatic zones, almost every culture in the world and over 200 languages. This creates an automatic, continual filter of culture with unique local cultures. Their role is to observe and uncover these qualities, balancing their own experiences with the unique particularities of each specific place.

The built environment of Australia is eclectic, diverse and in the remote regions, largely unapparent to the Western eye. They exploit and revel in the possibilities that exist from this condition; re-interpreting, exaggerating and challenging with an approach that is both anthropological and archeological.

The architects are entrusted to create solutions that respond to conditions in continual flux, from years of neglect or rapidly changing global patterns, resulting in new social behaviours ranging from the devastating to the prosperous. They work with cultures that are in rapid demise; in such scenarios architecture must fulfill a significant social role almost beyond its normal expectation. They respond to this changing condition with a large quantity of small projects (600+ projects) they interpret the new social conditions project by project, believing this respectful approach with 'quantity' will inevitable lead to greater societal change.

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