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Milanofiori Residential Complex, Milan, Italy

Tuesday 10 Jan 2012

Community spirit

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New residential development promotes a sense of community through architecture 

The design of the Milanofiori Residential Complex seeks the symbiosis between architecture and landscape, so that the synthesis of artificial and natural elements could define the quality of living and the sense of belonging by the inhabitants to the site. The interface between the building and the garden becomes the field where interaction between man and environment takes place. This interface is defined by the 'C' form which encompasses the public park, and by the porosity from interior to exterior that characterises all 107 apartments.

The two facades are designed differently: the one facing the street outside is more urban, while the one towards the inner park is more organic. The design of the urban facade stimulates a sense of belonging thanks to the composition of white frames which identify separately the units. These frames include vertical wooden panels of different widths which can slide across the frames and control the inner light as necessary.

The organic facade overlooking the garden features double glazed bioclimatic greenhouses. The greenhouses have a double value: an environmental value in providing a buffer zone which allows thermal regulation, and an architectural value in allowing extension of the interior living space towards the exterior landscape (and vice versa) permitting different uses from summer to winter.

Through the overlap of different natural layers (the public park, the open terraces and the winter gardens) the project seeks a kind of a holism of nature, where various personal interactions of these natural layers create an intensive landscape that is directly and personally customised by each resident. In line with ever changing developments in contemporary living, the porosity of the architecture makes Milanofiori residential complex an evolving organism, in perpetual change, preferring the dynamic exchange between architecture and nature and stimulating the interaction between man and environment.

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