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Florida Beach House, Florida Beach, Australia

Tuesday 10 Jan 2012

Hovering above the landscape

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11/01/13 nazim, saransk
Repetition architecture de Zaha Hadid, "Riverside Museum Glasgow". Plagiat.

Award Entry

A new residence at Florida Beach, Western Australia intensifies the experience of the Indian Ocean 

Located at Florida Beach Western Australia, this design emphasises and focuses on the immense Indian Ocean. All space is aligned and extruded through a strict dialogue of plan and section revealing the intensity and variety of this great ocean.

This is a modern day holiday house only one hour from the capital of Western Australia and surrounded by the sprawling Perth suburbia. The firm are interested in the past and rapidly disappearing holiday homes that once dominated the nearby landscape, houses that embodied the weekender experience designed with restraint, economy and robustness.

This house captures these dying qualities while screening the occupants from the emerging suburban houses and protecting them from the strong winds and storms. A deck is created on each of the cardinal points allowing the occupants to live externally any time of the year.

The firm's reference point for the design was found in a sketch by the great Danish architect Jorn Utzon, an image of people congregating on the beach under the dense, stormy Copenhagen sky. Uzton translated this in to the section of a church creating a mystical interior; they translated this in to the section of a holiday house that intensifies the experience of the ocean.

The section undulates in relationship to the plan form and extrudes from the beach end to the street side, those spaces that do not contain a direct view to the ocean maintain the memory of the ocean view through the continuing section.

Constructed almost entirely of plantation pine timber, prefabricated and transported to Florida, the raw structure appeared like the carcass of a great whale. The use of steel is minimised to a few select areas where thin columns support the dense undulating roof creating tension in the context of the ocean view.

Key Facts

Status Completed
Value 600,000(m€)
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