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House 20, Melbourne, Australia

Monday 09 Jan 2012

Sophisticated simplicity

Peter Bennetts 
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Award Entry

JOLSON use a sophisticated style for their modern house in Melbourne 

Jostling blades cantilever over a bronzed wall. A grassy mound below rises from the earth and creates arcing shelter and retreat. Beyond the spanning bronzed threshold, the interior is revealed as flowing space, sight-lines penetrating deep within. A glazed void penetrates the plan, a room within a room, drawing in the natural environment. At its base water mirrors the sky. Light and vision are moderated through woven mesh which veils the void as if a lantern. The ground-plane opens up to the north through staggered mass walls.

The work explores form which is anti-precedent and resides in the junction between sculpture and built form. This is guided by restraint and pairing back of those decorative gestures which otherwise detract from the desire to frame and enhance space, and conceal complexity.

Sophisticated simplicity informed the detailing and mechanics of the home - services being concealed or integrated within the architecture and interiors, or otherwise completely disappearing.

This design draws its strength by a continual dialogue between carefully articulated spaces, natural light and shadow, and unveiling of vertical and horizontal volumes. The brutal exterior penetrates the interior and become the foundation on which luxurious fabrics, textiles, furniture and lighting are juxtaposed.

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Jolson Corp Pty Ltd

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