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Rumah Binjai, Singapore

Thursday 05 Jan 2012

Diving into the deep end

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Award Entry

Architects use deep narrow site as a design opportunity to build swimming pool running the entire depth of the site 

House at Binjai Park was designed to create an impressionable modern facade at its cul-de-sac location with a narrow frontage. The façade of the house is designed to express its concept legibly on first sight from the main entrance. Given its narrow frontage, these volumes had to be composed and presented to visitors on its shorter side. The main volume reads as an aluminum cladded "bracket", with its thin edge that folds around to enclose the entire glass volume. Juxtaposed against the flat and precisely machined metallic cladding of main volume, the randomly placed timber screens over the secondary volume provided screening for both privacy from the main entrance as well as from the afternoon sun.

Recognising the deep narrow site as a design opportunity, the 25m swimming pool runs the entire depth of the site which in turns forms the foreground to this main volume frame. Inside the house, the pool and garden forms a constant backdrop to the living and dining room, creating a cool, expansive, bright and airy environment.

The result is an extension of the interior to the exterior spaces. The outdoor deck, pool and landscape become an outdoor extension of the internal spaces; where the living and dining room that feels much closer to elements of nature than it seems.

Given its SE-NW orientation, the main volume seeks to express the concept of bracketing. This device not only provides maximum shade from the scorching tropical sun, it allows the users to enjoy an uninterrupted view to the garden and the pool from a continuous glass facade. The interior of the house has been opened up, and the vertical emphasis creates a volume that appears to be far more spacious than what the shape of the site could offer.

The simple, undiluted form of the building and the material usage demonstrates a sophisticated modern approach of a new tropical modern dwelling.

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