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Greater Nodia Housing, Greater Noida, India

Thursday 05 Jan 2012

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FXFOWLE design higher density community to maximise solar orientation 

FXFOWLE's Greater Noida Housing is a new socially, economically and environmentally sustainable development planned for a growing region in India. The client’s brief required 1,700 units of housing and 3,700 units of parking within the 46.4 acre site. The team’s design process explored how to amass the buildings on the site, analysing the impact of building height, ground coverage and circulation to create a vibrant, mixed-use development. The final scheme includes buildings of varying heights (from 7 to 43 storeys tall) clustered to make up the 400,000 sq m of housing.

The taller structures are located on the northern site edge, while the smaller buildings are layered to the south. The varying building heights and lengths create a vibrant urban rhythm to the site development. Solar and wind orientation was carefully considered. Taller north-west structures placed along the boundary of the site allow for air and light to reach the lower structures. The buildings widths are narrow, further maximising natural ventilation, daylighting and views.

The two main entrances are placed on opposite sides of the site, restricting vehicular circulation to the exterior loop – allowing the interior of the site to be used for active and passive recreation. The buildings are an interplay of solid and voids, rectilinear volumes stacked and shifted and stacked again, with residential units interspersed with cultural and amenity space floating above the rolling site. The architecture is created using a modular system of concrete sheer walls and flat slabs. This structural system will allow for residential units with column free living spaces and dual exposures. The shear walls are clad in terracotta, echoing the rustic colors of the Indian earth.

One level of structured parking is placed at grade, topped with grass-covered land burms, creating a dynamic, undulating quality to the formerly flat landscape and shielding the parking from the primary sight lines. Rainwater is harvested on site and graywater is treated. The green belts and parks within the 46.4 acres also create an appreciable cooling effect via transpiration. The Greater Noida Housing development translates cultural and historical references into an integrated, innovative architectural solution.

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FXFOWLE Architects

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