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La Caracola, Guerrero, Mexico

Wednesday 04 Jan 2012

Mi casa es su casa

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08/01/14 maye, mexico city
Este proyecto es sensacional arriba mexico!
12/11/13 francisBE, Tuxon
Elegant and mysterious looks like other projects at Cremoux web site though...
24/05/13 Chenwo, Seul
Neat, Very nice Project PAUL!, it has this modernistic expresi?n your projects have. We were at Columbia together. BEST!
25/10/12 Jaffy, CA
Very good and interesting project ! congratulations Paul!
23/04/12 JaimeMarcoels, Mexico
Esta Muy Chula, Felicidades
26/03/12 Alejandro, Mexico City
Congratulations Paul! very Cremoux, looks like the office project at Veracruz!.

Award Entry

Mexican architects design luxurious home along the coast of the Pacific Ocean 

Located at Tres Vidas Golf Course seashore of the Pacific Ocean, the house is integrated by a set of boxes that are displayed in order to enjoy a variety of different views. The heart of the house remains as an open central space which gathers the ground level deck and the swimming pool area.

The boundary between the private plot and the golf course is lost. This idea of "a none identify limit" provoke amplitude landscape vision reading strategy. And the house is to be perceived as being inside the golf course. The main landscape layout is composed by a grid of superimposed transversal lines, which achieve the effect of vegetation planes framing the construction.

The master bedroom is an elevated structural concrete tube supported by two rectangular column points, by doing this, the bedrooms main area is divided in two, creating open space that performs as a large observatory deck.

Making shadow areas is of paramount importance to respond to the vey heat and humid conditions of the seashore.

The pool designed by Architect Greta Hauser is treated as a sole plan or a rug, making a poetic apparition into the gulf course a main element of landscape and recreation.

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