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Aldrich Residence Salter Point, Perth Australia, Australia

Tuesday 03 Jan 2012

Continuity in Concrete

Continuity in Concrete 
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24/01/12 Byron, Sydney
Fantastic dynamic, roof, what a great space that will be to use, also love the sleek yet earthy interiors. Very interesting design!
24/01/12 davina, Sydney
Not many architects bother about expressing 'the fifth facade'. Patrick's roof is an interesting architectural example of a new 21st century movement called geodesign -- also relevant to Janine Benyus' concepts of biomimicry. The undulating contours, inspired by surrounding terrain, suggest that, like the ancient sages, we must see the Earth as 'one and continuous'. And note the viewing platform for doing just that...
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24/01/12 Shaun Mayne, Perth
An amazing accomplishment in architecture. The roof is the prime feature which successfully emulates the geographic location of the house. The resulting atmosphere inside is one of serenity and truly meditative. I really appreciated the way noise levels could be controlled by the contoured roof design; ensuring that in a room of 50 people, conversations could still be private. A dream house to definitely add to my list.
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23/01/12 Queenie, Kenya
Nice work - goes to show hard work and perseverance really do pay off. More of the same please.
20/01/12 Andre, Mahwah, NJ
Love the flowing lines, and use of space to maximize the openness of the layout. Gorgeous wood floors, and minimalist design works beautifully as well. Smart move using clear chairs for the dining room table - helps to keep the open feel going. More interior pics please!!
20/01/12 cb, sydney
super awesome. the form to formless tradition lives on! no more bush shacks
19/01/12 Ben Knowles, Perth
As you approached the house there was a real feeling of it being at one with its surroundings. This contrasted heavily with the many stark almost basic looking 1930's red brick neighbouring houses. There is not much outside space which is a shame but what there is has been landscaped attractively. The piece de resistance is the rooftop terrace that provides stunning views of the river and gives you the opportunity to see the beautiful lines of the roof.
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18/01/12 Julian, Vaucluse
How incredibly elegant and peaceful this looks. In the current climate, it's a joy to see an architect taking risks and creating something original!!

Award Entry

A continuous series of terrain curves designate the programme of this unique house 

Located in Perth, Western Australia, the Aldrich Residence was derived as an extension of the landscape; a landscape that opens onto the waterfront. Evoked by this view, the residence is shaped out of the supple form of the natural terrain to embrace the water. It nestles itself between the landscape and under the fluidity of a single gesture; the concrete roof.

Utilising computer-aided terrain modelling, the roof is a non-parallel extension of the landscape below. It has been digitally enhanced to provide a unique porous stratum in which the volume of the house exists. These volumes, in turn, act as extensions of the ground which gracefully float out across the site. Like a jigsaw, the roof and landscape interlock so as one moves through the house there is an ever-shifting viewpoint as it collects light and exposes views. By way of its' integration to the site, the house provides a playful alternative to contemporary living.

The roof guides the programme of the house in a dynamic relationship to incorporate the workings of a modern dwelling. Two separate interior living areas inhabit the extremities of the residence's arms and are united only by the fluid concrete roof above. Towards the west side of the house are the three bedrooms and two bathrooms. As one moves through the space they encounter the continuous concrete roof, creating changes in height to provide intimacy in the bedrooms, and openness in the living spaces. On top of the roof is a viewing deck.

The Aldrich residence exposes the beauty and lyrical nature of its context. The elegance of one fluid gesture, the roof, animates the inhabitable volumes below. Light collects between the graceful branching extensions of the residence creating a symbiotic dance between the interior and exterior. It is the concrete roof that guides the project; it provides volume, movement, and continuity throughout.

Key Facts

Status Completed
Value 700000(m€)
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