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Distort House, Jakarta, Indonesia

Tuesday 03 Jan 2012

Let's Twist again...

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Award Entry

TWS & Partners build The Distort House next to a tropical forset 

TWS & Partners wanted to twist out something from the usual line in order to create different perception or to enrich some more quality. This idea happened to a house that they named The Distort House. It is located in the south of Jakarta which is still dominated by lush, tropical village forest in the neighbourhood.

In the front of the site itself lays a public park with some old big tropical trees. In response to those advantages, the house's mass outline is shifted close to the back perimeter line of the site, and then twisted in 15 degree, leaving vast green area in the front. This is a unique way to open a huge front space striking back as view and open air to the inside.

The front green area brings benefits also as intermediary open space to soften the building scale to the surrounding and creates a visual bridge of transition between the public park and the house itself. As the open front space is enriched, it was possible to put the private area in the upper level, so it has endless view of tree leaves and endless feel of fresh air. While on the ground is maximized for spaces that has more public and semi public in function. In this case the architects gave the house a chance to breathe a bit more by leaving a huge living room without walls or even glass. Here you can just feel living and being in the middle of natural forest. A smaller living room acts as welcoming area for the family members that can connect them to the upper floor and  the bedrooms.

The stairs they use is crossing a little semi-courtyard and bridging the whole mass as one experience of inside outside, ground and upper, man-made and nature. The building's liability to nature implies some application of reused and recycled material such as recycled wooden windows which are vary from top hung opening, swing opening, and fixed,  with louver or clear glass.

In each space, the columns and beams are just exposed with its natural concrete plaster colour, among the white walls. A wooden structure for the roof is applied with wooden ceiling finish made from recycled wood plank that once used for box packaging. Terracotta roof tiles with no glazed finish are used to have more responsive values to the environment, because it balances the heat in very short time by its open pores. This unglazed clay roof can disperse upto 70% less heat into the house. Reused steel bars are also applied for the front gate which may encloses all the idea of recycling things to create a new feel, a new look, and a new experience to have a today's environment friendly home.

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