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Villa Veth, Hattem, Netherlands

Wednesday 07 Dec 2011

Modern woodland villa

123DV Modern Villas, Copyright pictures Christiaan de Bruijne 
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07/02/12 jo polak, barendrecht
It's amazing to see that every site of the house has such an own character and yet it is in complete harmoany.
The big pilar reflects the glass wall and the nature around.
A surprisingly play with nature and architecture.
06/02/12 jo polak, barendrecht
This house is complete in harmony with its surroundings. It symbolises in an original way the ingredients of the landscape and the dutch sky. The vertical pylars of the villa are related to the long trunks of the trees. The white colour of the walls and the transparant glass give the architecture a natural lightness.
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Award Entry

South-facing frameless curved glass enables seamless connection with the great outdoors 

Villa Veth is a modern, customised villa, a private residence for a family of four. It is situated on a large parcel of land between forest and meadows near the idyllic town of Hattem in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

High, dry, sandy dunes interspersed with heather, willow bushes and grasslands. An ideal setting if you like the outdoors, like the inhabitants of Villa Veth. The driveway on the entrance side leads to a carport situated below the house. This places the cars out of sight and gives the impression of the house partially hovering. It is a simple architectural approach with a great visual effect.

The house looks sleek and abstract on the outside, but has a warm and cosy interior. The ground floor and principal living area is divided into two; on one side are the master bedroom and two kids' bedrooms, plus two small studios. The other half of the floor plan is taken up by an open-concept living area that includes the kitchen, dining and living spaces.

The furniture in the living room is all custom-designed. The kitchen, storage space, fireplace, piano and audio equipment form an integral part of the wall unit. The living area of this bungalow with woodland is orientated towards the south.

The curved glass wall enclosing the living area towards the spacious terrace is designed to visually minimise the boundary between inside and outside, and from the inside of the house, this provides a maximum experience of its surroundings.

Supported with a single column clad with reflective metal, the low-profile roof extends to cover an outdoor patio. The large canopy and floor heating allow inhabitants to enjoy the terrace during cool autumn days.

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