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SIREWALL Insulated Rammed Earth 
Tuesday 29 Nov 2011
A wake-up call from SIREWALL 
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Insulated Rammed Earth company releases video with shocking stats on construction 

SIREWALL (Stabilised, Insulated, Rammed Earth Walls) is a Canadian company that specialises in the construction of rammed earth walling systems and the promotion of walls that are ‘durable, energy efficient and healthy for you, your home and your family’.

Rammed earth walls are often overlooked in preference of more contemporary, high-tech construction methods, however SIREWALL looks to bolster the profile of this effective, if indeed more primitive building technique.

This short film was recently released on the company’s website and highlights some of the shocking statistics that are borne from modern construction techniques with a focus on the residential sector. An effective solution to these concerning figures, SIREWALL suggests, would be to consider its own honed techniques.

SIREWALL® has updated ancient rammed earth processes with a new global standard for durable, healthy and energy efficient buildings and spaces. SIREWALLs are Stabilised, Insulated, Rammed Earth walls. SIREWALL homes and buildings are constructed with a matrix of local soils strengthened with rebar and a small percentage of cement that surround a core of insulation.

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