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Lotus ECO Station

Monday 14 Nov 2011

Charged design

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05/06/12 Sara, Parma
You can download the brochure on the Website: www.lotus.tecnopaligroup.com

There you'll see the seats, they're optional!
17/11/11 joey, uae
in picture 3 you'll see the seats. LOL
14/11/11 Caroline Hancock, Princeton, NJ
The narrative mentions seats? I don't see any seating in the images shown, although there are some in the car!... Seats or not, an attractive product referential to Art Nouveau.



Italian architect Giancarlo Zema designs innovative multi-function ECO station 

Giancarlo Zema’s intriguing Lotus leaf inspired design beautifully fuses an urban shelter, solar power collector with an electric car charging point.

Complete with seats and integrated photovoltaic panels, perfect for green parks and parking areas, the lotus features a unique tubular element of 14cm in diameter and 260cm in height, radially arranged, generates the modular strong and elegant backbone, able to cover from the rain, to light the ambient with LED technology and to produce energy: from the small leaf of 4Mq photovoltaic surface for a 500W production to the big leaf of 19Mq for 2.8KW.

Lotus is also an electric car charging point: thanks to a centralised system each parking owns an info point, with a waterproof electrical outlet by Scame, from which is possible to recharge the car, just paying with a credit card.

Lotus comes in a wide range of colours, ecological paints of course, the fresh green tones for natural environments, neutral tones for urban contests, and other customizable possibilities.

Lotus is an innovative project by Giancarlo Zema for the LumineXence from Bergamo, and sponsored by a pool of leading companies in the production of technological solution for the eco-sustainable field, like Solarday, Siderpali, Eurozeta, Nord Zinc, Scame Parre.

Michael Hammond
Editor in Chief

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