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Studio Altieri Head Office, Thiene (VI), Italy

Thursday 27 Oct 2011

A good day at the office...

Studio Altieri 
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Award Entry

A new landmark for the territory and new workspace philosophy for Studio Altieri Headquarters 

In compliance with the will to represent a landmark in the place where Studio Altieri has born, the new headquarters is an extension to the previous head office, an existing building from the ‘60s. Connecting to it as coplanar prolongation, it addresses the former volume by a similar compact typology marked by a series of windows, but showing a language evolution in terms of surfaces, lights and material, rhythm of façades and interior fitting. The windows, shaped with an inverted relation between solid mass and void, are tapered toward the outside, looking like carved openings into the white plaster surface of façade, while the silk screened glass shading panels create a light effect that brings back the thickness of the walls to the common flat plane of the block.

The interior is characterised by an alternation of working areas, open spaces, and private rooms, defined by transparent glass diaphragms in order to provide at the same time, visibility and connection trough different locations and privacy corners when needed. A transparent elevator runs through the open spaces assuring spatial continuity and integration among the working groups of professionals, also permitting an overall perception of all the interior spaces: in a fluid vertical sequence of levels, finishes are featured by the use of natural materials, such as wood and white stone; fixtures, such as flat metal radiators, shielding and contrasting with the coarse concrete walls, characterise with different colours the distribution of speciality branches of the Studio.

The project is designed to achieve the maximum comfort and energy saving for a best sustainable condition. Centralised distribution systems are improved by efficient exterior insulation and underfloor thermal mass heating collaborating with targeted radiant-cooling system. Moreover, ergonometric equipments and furniture, a controlled use of natural light, calibrated shading in summer and high level of day lighting during the winter, guarantee the highest environmental quality of workplaces.

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