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Lucinahaven, Taulov, Denmark

Thursday 29 Sep 2011

Hexagonal havens for pre-school kids

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Award Entry

Honeycomb-shaped day care centre creates community identity through use of colour 

Like a flower, with seed grains in the centre surrounded by petals, CEBRA has logically arranged the common room of this institution as a central area with access from its adjoining group rooms and service centre.

In this way, all functions are closely connected to the common room and to each other, whilst at the same time the arrangement reflects CEBRA's architectural interpretation of the diagram of functions.

The arrangement is not only functional, but also symbolic; community is a central point in the spirit and design of the day care centre, with the use of hexagons intended to create recognition. In combination with the use of different colours, a strong identity inside each hexagon arises.

Names such as 'blue room' or 'yellow group' are familiar from other institutions, but these names are almost worn down, with a need expressed amongst children (and adults) for a community of their own identity within the institution: I am a sunflower. I am a crumb. I am from the blue room etc.

The architects have chosen to strengthen the community and identity through arrangement of rooms and use of colours in the building. Materials used for facades and roof support their wish of creating variation and diversity along with recognition. They are individual parts of the unified whole.

In some way you may consider the hexagons to be related - they are members of the same family but are just as unique as each member of a family. In this way, CEBRA has obtained a more balanced architectural picture and the possibility to work with more educational and challenging arrangement designs.

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Status Building design
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