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World Architecture Day 2014
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Adharshila Vatika-Kindergarten School, New Delhi, India 
Thursday 29 Sep 2011
Coated in colours 
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Award Entry

Bright primary colours and geometrical symbols create cheerful educational space 

The design brief required five to six classrooms with capacity for 30 pupils designed for children aged from 2½-5 years old. The school needed to include an activity room, dance & music room, and medical room. The waiting room had to cater for around 12-15 people and to be situated near the administration & principal room.

The requirements were to have classrooms which were well lit up with natural light and the outer areas needed to be landscaped & designed for outdoor activities such as a swimming pool, slides, skating, assembly space & sand pit. The school was to be centrally air-conditioned and have a character of a kindergarten school with the use of pastel shades. The client mentioned they wanted Disneyland themed colours.

The main emphasis was kept on the functional requirement and the character of the building. The two storied part of the school is situated in the middle of the site where all rooms would have natural ventilation. The plan was kept as simple as possible with one corridor connecting all the spaces which overlooks the central courtyard. An environment has been created inside which transforms the school into a children's space, one in which they can identify with. The areas and space can easily be recognised and are spacious. The building plan is a hexagonal shape enclosing an open courtyard acts as a secured space for children to play.

The longer side of the building facing the main G.T Karnal road has an entrance but the main entrance for children has been kept on a side road, as there is less traffic and the children's movement can be monitored properly. One entrance leads to the reception area with the administration & principal room and the other is for the children which opens on to the staircase that leads them to the basement and the first floor.

The children's security was an important factor, as well as a side entrance for the school; all the risers in the staircase of the steps are 5 inches for children to access easily. Antiskid tiles are used to avoid children's to fall and the railings are designed for protect the children.

The reception area has a welcome desk in one corner in front of curved a stainless steel sheet punctured by coloured circular niches, whilst the top part of the sheet has children painting glued to it. The overall concept was to have a  storybooks painting on the wall and the clouds concept on the ceiling adds to the vibrant & colourful environment.

The colours have played the most important part in defining the character to the building. Space Architects believed the palette of colours on the building should be eye pleasing, therefore pastel shades were their obvious choice avoiding bright or dark colours like red, green, and orange. The form and colours are a composition which compliments each other and don't stand apart. The architects describe the building as like fruit basket where all the fruits of different shapes & colours form a perfect composition.

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