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Naust paa Aure, Aure Kommune, More og Romsdal, Norway

Thursday 29 Sep 2011

Run to the hills

Pasi Aalto 
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23/01/12 Postvollen, Trondheim
Tha ramp from the boathouse to the tide water will be buildt this summer - so you are rigth. Something is missing, but thats not the responsibility of the architects.
13/10/11 Vitruvius, Oslo
Look at the header; "...boathouse replacement project..."

It used to be a boathouse, but is now used for other activities. On the other hand; the tides in this area of Norway vary a lot over the day, so I would guess the water will be sufficient for (hypothetically) securing a boat at least 2 times a day.
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04/10/11 Charles Phillips, Winston Salem
It is a nice design. It should do well for all of the mentioned auxiliary activities. But......how do you put a boat in the water? Primary function failure is not a lauded quality for architects. If there are mitigating circumstances they need to be mentioned. If the water has temporarily gone away, it does so for extended periods as there is a good bit of grass between the stones separating the house from the water. Is there a reason that access during low water periods was not part of the design or is this a tongue in cheek folly for a client who likes to look at but not embrace the water?
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Humble boathouse replacement project in More og Romsdal, Norway utilises existing materials with outstanding results 

This beautifully simple boathouse in the remote Aure Kommune region is the work of local Norwegian architects TYIN tegnestue. Commissioned to replace an outdated and broken-down boathouse, the design studio embarked on a mission to reuse as much physical material from the existing building as possible.

As a result, the modest property is a simple yet effective design with concrete walls and footings offset by repurposed wooden shutters from the previous structure. These shutters are complimented by exterior cladding in Norwegian pine impregnated with a by-product from the sugar cane industry (Kebony) which over time will fade to a subtle ash-grey hue.

The TYIN tegnestue team also reused window panes from the client’s farmhouse in the construction of this isolated boathouse, partially for sustainability’s sake but also due to the shielded and inaccessible location of the building site, making transportation of construction materials troublesome.

Traditionally used as a seasonal base for storage of boats and fishing equipment, this boathouse stands out for its potential as a shelter for recreational use throughout the year. In the summer the shutters - with cotton canvas-covered lighting systems - can be thrown open, creating an indoor/outdoor space for the owner to relax, whilst in the winter the space transforms into a cosy, if sparse, retreat.

This flexibility was crucial to the success of the project as TYIN tegnestue Architects admit: “A flexible process, which allowed onsite design reactions, has been essential to the result.”

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