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Kindergarten and primary school, Le Bourget, France

Wednesday 21 Sep 2011

A small school in Grand Paris

image © Hérvé Abbadie 
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17/05/12 marco, florence
Out of wood?? is it ironic??

Hubert & Roy architectes completes a kindergarten and primary school out of wood 

The school at Le Bourget is built to the image of its changing environment. An area facing the landscape of the emerging Grand Paris, connected to the city by green 'corridors', an area brought near the city thanks to its nearby train station.

Just like a vertebrate organism slipping into the fragmented plot, the school is designed based on a structure entirely made out of timber, digitised and optimised, prefabricated in a workshop-factory and mounted in a few months by two craftsmen.

This structure, including structural frames every 1.5m, is covered with a green roof for water retention and thermal mass. Elevations of the structure are cladded with glass and aluminium panels aligned on the 1.5m frame to frame distance. Therefore, the aluminium envelope is only 4mm thick and the insulation takes place in the thickness of the structure.

Kindergarten classrooms are located on the ground floor and have access from the schoolyard. The elementary school is located upstairs. The large oriel window provides a heat input during winter and a sight from inside the school into the distance.

Hubert & Roy architectes stress: "Wood is THE material whose use improves the eco system: forest regeneration, timber, photosynthesis and oxygen production. Fully recyclable. Users sympathy with natural materials promoting well-being."

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