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La Piedad River Regeneration, México City, Mexico

Wednesday 31 Aug 2011

Urban biology

Taller 13 Arquitectura 
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07/12/11 Pcoluve, Mexico df
Congratulations! I know this site, pelase di this!! We need it!
Gold World Elías !

Award Entry

Regeneration of 'an ancient axis of biological and human connection' through México City 

The proposed project to regenerate Río La Piedad begins at the rivers origin on the hills west of the Anahuac Basin, in Mexico City, and after traversing it entirely, ends, along with the river, on the eastern edge of the city in the deep drainage system, it should end up in Lake Texcoco. The project is made up of a linear park along the river that hosts various activities and programs that complement vocations along the viaduct. 

This project aims at connecting humans and other biota with integrated mobility and water-treatment systems. It will provide East to West interconnection 5 central neighbourhoods in México City. The intention to remove 6 central car lanes, uncover the tubed river and lay out a black-water-treatment system by way of constructed wetlands and a river-park system providing public spaces.

Each side of the river will include two driving lanes, one public transportation lane (busses, zero-emissions vehicles, and electric transportation), one dual-direction bike lane and a pedestrian walkway that accommodates different activities. Currently, this avenue is used by over 1 million people on a daily basis, and is mainly destined for car use and a drainage system. During the rainy season 80% of this water is rainwater, the rest is black water directed towards an adjacent watershed. The architects intend to complement this mobility axis with alternative transport, via a Bus Rapid Transit system and decentralised water-treatment stations.

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Taller 13 Arquitectura Regenerativa

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