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Malmö Central Station, Malmö, Sweden

Tuesday 30 Aug 2011

Tunnel vision

image © Rafael Palomo 
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Award Entry

Metro Arkitekter gives Malmö a new Central Station and City Tunnel 

Metro has been responsible for the design of all new construction and alterations at Malmö Central Station above ground. The City Tunnel is constructed to the north of the existing Malmö Central Station. A new arrivals area is being created which is defined partly by the new 'Glass Hall' and partly by the new car park building to the east. The modern design of the Glass Hall contrasts with the historic building of the Central Station. The modern architecture efficiently caters for the increasing flow of people travelling.

To enhance the different parts of the station, the various functions are reflected in both material and service. The façade of the Glass Hall is suspended in a wire system supported by a steel structure that acts like a modern version of the old railway hall. Inside the Glass Hall there is a fast food restaurant, a newspaper store, an exchange office and a café. The new glass façade opens up toward the historic railway hall and exposes it for the travelers for the first time in the station’s history.

The older part of the station runs at a lower pace and the materials used are more traditional such as brick and dark-stained wood. The restaurants here are primarily directed to those with a little more time to spend. In contrast to the hectic atmosphere of the Glass Hall, the old parts is a place with a calmer, more relaxed setting where you can sit down for a nice dinner or buy a nice piece of cheese for your journey.

Over 150 years, Malmö Central Station has been altered, converted and extended. This might therefore be viewed as a series of well defined annual rings. With the Glass Hall and the other additions being made now, yet another annual ring is being added.

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Metro Arkitekter / Claes R Janson

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