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La Caracola Tres Vidas Beach House, Tres Vidas Gulf Course, Mexico 
Wednesday 10 Aug 2011
A non identify limit 
Photos by PCW, All submitted work is properly register under Mexican author laws 
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12/03/13 Gaby D, Mexico city
To the editors of this site,

I want to let you know that Mr. I?aki Echeverria committed fraud by selling us unfinished apartments and that we have been legally sue him. His development organization goes by the name of Volvox, you can find info at: http://fraudevolvox.blogspot.mx/2009/10/fraude-volvox-inmobiliaria-insurgentes_27.html

I don’t have any doubt he has try to mislead and take advantage of other architects.
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05/06/12 Marie Yu, Brooklyn
Thanks for the info
25/10/11 JorgeEMP, Mexico City
I know about the defamation letter Mr. Echeverria sent to his friends asking them to write against this designer. Sites like this should ask for legal proof. This is not the first time Echeverria does this at Mexico city, this is so wrong...
20/09/11 Cosmos, Mexico
Paul, I remember this since your show us your renders!, they got it exactly, congratulations! Paul and inki!
19/09/11 paola, mexico city
plagarism is a serious crime, Paul!!!! This is NOT your project, I was there every step of the way. all you did was a scheme, Paul, publish that!!!
19/09/11 Jose Nava, México
Sorry to tell you, but this project was created by Iñaki Echeverría, who is the owner of the architecture firm that produced this design. Mr. Cremoux was working there when design was being developed at Iñaki's office and participated in the project just a few months.
18/09/11 Ponchos, Mexico
Congratulaciones ¡¡ Paul, you say you dont have any stile, but this resamble all your work, i just saw your lecture at UNAM felicidades!
14/09/11 Alejandra, Mexico
I have known the Arch. Iñaki Echeverría for years, this house is owned by a now alienated political relative and I would trust your site to confirm that the architect listed with the credit is the rightful designer. I am SURE this is a project by Echeverría (where Mr. Cremoux may have had a part)
22/08/11 sofphiallt, new york city
I like this ! best!
11/08/11 Jeffis, Brooklyn
Nice!, i like it Paul, all your designs have a very modernist wave, congratulations good cantilever,

Raw concrete residence in Mexico formed of a series of stacked boxes 

Located at Tres Vidas Golf Course on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the La Caracola Tres Vidas Beach House is integrated by a set of boxes that are displayed in order to enjoy a variety of different views. The heart of the house remains as a central open space which gathers the ground level deck and the swimming pool area.

The main landscape layout is composed by a grid of superimposed transversal lines, which achieve the effect of non boundary from the golf court. The Master bedroom is an elevated structural concrete tube supported by two column points, achieving two large terraces facing towards the sea.

The limit between the private plot and the Gulf Course is lost by the idea of ‘a non identify limit’. Making shadow areas is of paramount importance to respond to the vey heat and humid conditions of the seashore.

Design Architect: Paul Cremoux
Project Manager: Iñaki Echeverria
Pool Design & Special Design furniture: Greta Hauser

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