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Qingdao Science and Technology City, Qingdao, China

Thursday 21 Jul 2011

KSP wins major city contract

All images courtesy of KSP J├╝rgen Engel Architekten International 
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26/07/11 william rogan, new york
human scale? in china? i wish them luck...


Low-rise and sustainable Science and Technology City planned for Qingdao 

It has just been revealed that KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten International (KSP) has won an international competition to design a Science and Technology City in Qingdao – rated in 2009 as the city with the highest quality of life in China. As the country has continued its economic and industrial growth at an incredible rate over the last few years, the demand for additional residential communities and supporting infrastructure has risen dramatically.

Spread over a 600 hectare site, the Qingdao Science and Technology City will be arranged in four succinct quarters – residential, work, shopping, and leisure – anchored by a compact centre. The vast majority of buildings will be of human scale, rising no higher than five storeys, however a small group of luxury high rises will mark the centre of the city and be visible from afar.

The medium height buildings will be grouped around intimate interior courtyards to encourage social relationships to form, with a 125 hectare park extending along the river from south to north. This will be intersected by two boulevards travelling east to west which will connect the new development with the existing city.

KSP details: “In the age of globalisation and against the backdrop of a continually growing world population, we have a duty to create in the Qingdao Science and Technology City sustainable, urban living space for the 100,000 inhabitants, in which a high quality of life with ecological equilibrium is achieved.” Throughout the urban realm will be an efficient network of sustainable energy systems, including rainwater collection and recycling, prioritisation of pedestrian traffic and public transport, and integrated architectural solutions to buildings with high energy needs.

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