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Chimecco, Aarhus, Denmark

Tuesday 05 Jul 2011

A Danish delight

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14/07/11 Vicky, Michigan
This is an exciting piece of sculpture. I hope I can find a website that shows more about this exhibit. I can at least learn more about Mark Nixon from his website.

Ethereal chimes hung from bridge in Aarhus take centre stage at Sculpture by the Sea 

Mark Nixon’s kinetic sculpture ‘Chimecco’ has been realised as part of the exhibition ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ in Aarhus, Denmark: one of the most popular outdoor sculpture exhibitions in the world - which last year drew crowds of over 500,000 people. Mark’s design for a large interactive wind chime was selected as one of the winners of an open competition from over 350 submissions. Mark has spent the last month in Aarhus helping to construct the piece together with a team of assistants.

The piece is constructed from 60050mm diameter gold anodized aluminium pipes ranging in length from 120 mm up to 3,750mm. These pipes are attached to the underside of a bridge and with a series of interactive nodes on the top surface that allow for people to ‘play’ the instrument.

The design is based on three conceptual ideas: The idea of music and interaction as a catalyst for conversation and play; The non-visual object. The sculpture is ‘hidden’ beneath the bridge. A constant varying in wind conditions on the site mean that the sculpture will hide and reveal itself through the creation of sound when the wind choses to blow. Some days the sculpture will be discovered, creating a beautiful moment of realisation in the viewer, while other day the sculpture will remain still and may be completely passed by. The use of interactive nodes on the top creates another interesting effect. Due to the object being hidden while it is played a condition of performers and audience is created. The piece can be experienced in a number of different ways but never in its totality; Creation through the combined interactions of human movement and natural movement.

The sculpture is for sale at the price of €26,000 and is being considered for 8 awards. Mark Nixon was chosen as one of three artists to be followed during the construction process for a documentary aired on Danish national television about Sculpture by the Sea.

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