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Congress Center Hangzhou, Hangzhou, China

Tuesday 05 Jul 2011

Commercial centre blooms in Hangzhou

Peter Ruge Architekten, Photos: © Jan Siefke 
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05/08/11 jan gall, New York
It´s amazing!
10/07/11 Craig Purcell, Baltimore
Startlingly beautiful and empty.

Abstract lotus form anchors Peter Ruge Architekten's new Congress Center 

After perennial design and construction phase the Congress Centre of the new city administration of Hangzhou, China has now been completed. The concept and design of the facade was completed by Peter Ruge Architekten (before Pysall Ruge) in collaboration with Prof Wang Xiaosong from DBH GmbH. The new building ensemble is situated close to huge Qiantang River not far from the city centre. It will be the focus building of the new large business and administration district of the city.

The new fascinating complex consists of six office high-rise buildings arranged in a circle and connected at the upper floors through a circular bridge. The high-rise buildings are flanked by flat multi-functional buildings including four main entrances from all directions. As the new central form of the main administration building of the City of Hangzhou, the Congress Centre resembles a large precious stone.

The façade design on one hand supports the unique modern architecture of the building ensemble but on the other hand it takes up typical local or traditional aspects of the region. Zhejiang Province is known for its tea-producing region. To express the building’s regional characteristics, design of the façade is based on the superimposed configurations of the tea cultivation pathways and the planting nets. As a result, the building is enveloped by a multi-layered fabric, giving it a true architectural plasticity.

Seen from a distance, the façade appears like a rigid volume, but dissolves into a network of structures and levels as you come closer. The main idea for the design of the roof was to use it as the fifth façade of the building to set up a strong and typical local image in the shape of a lotus blossom, which you can see from all upper floors of the surrounding high-rise buildings.

Through the different lengths and fixed height of the steel beams the structure is waved and this external structure forms the abstract blossom of lotus in the centre of the roof. This part isn’t covered and is designed and planted as a green landscape. Peter Ruge Architekten’s aim is to combine and express all the regional natural features within the Centre, so that the local people will be able to identify themselves with the City of Hangzhou.

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Peter Ruge Architekten

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