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WuduMate, Egham, United Kingdom

Friday 01 Jul 2011

A clean solution

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Purpose-designed appliance easily enables ritual washing in the workplace, mosque and home 

A year on year increase in the ethnic diversity of the UK workforce and demands by successive governments for employers to accommodate this evolution in the workplace, has until recently left architects with an increasingly complex requirement, with no defined solution.

‘Diversity Matters' - A Guide to Best Practice Faith Room Design (available for download on the Specialist Washing Co. Ltd website), was first published by the Specialist Washing Company in 2008, as an aid to the architectural fraternity, employers, building owners and property managers. The purpose of the Guide is to help unravel the web of legislation relating to the allocation of ‘free space & time' in the workplace for all employees, irrespective of nationality or creed. ‘Diversity Matters' has since been embraced as almost a de facto standard for Faith Room design in many sectors in the UK, and the WuduMate referred to in the Guide has been widely installed to address a number of issues highlighted in the guide, specifically relating to the washing of feet before prayer by muslim visitors to the faith room.

The current WuduMate range has evolved from the WuduSeat, a product first launched in 2007, quoted by CERAM as 'the first new washing appliance to be developed in 100 years'. The WuduSeat enabled wudu to be performed in a single, purpose-designed appliance for the first time (wudu being the name of the washing ritual undertaken by muslims before prayer, required by Islam to be performed 5 times per day.)

Performing wudu involves the washing of hands, face and feet, which can be extremely difficult when away from home in the workplace or in public buildings, where generally there will be no suitable facilities for foot washing. The original WuduSeat was designed as a solution for property owners and managers, to provide appropriate ablution facilities for their muslim staff and visitors, and has evolved into a comprehensive range of washing appliances, designed for installation in the workplace, the home and the mosque.

The WuduMate has been accredited an RIBA category code, and there are now over 100 WuduMate sites in the UK alone, proving its acceptability to the market. Installations include commercial offices, hospitals, prisons, schools, colleges and universities to name but a few sectors, and the WuduMate is being increasingly specified daily for new projects in both the UK and other parts of the world.

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