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LapitecĀ®, Vedelago, Italy

Thursday 30 Jun 2011

Clad all over

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State-of-the-art ceramic-based building material offers perfect cladding solution 

Today's building and construction industry is moving toward materials that are not only appealing aesthetically, but offer superior technical features and properties especially when used for quality outdoor cladding.

Eye-catching, large size slabs with a reduced thickness yet resistant and able to maintain their original colour and properties over time makes Lapitec the unequalled solution.

Lapitec is the state-of-the-art building material which offers the most desired features and properties for a perfect cladding solution.

Lapitec consists of large size ceramic based slabs which are produced using an exclusive patented (Breton S.p.A.)  vacuum vibratory compression system to compact and bond ceramic particles together. The full body moulded slabs are dried and then treated at very high temperatures using specifically designed roller kilns, to form a consistent, rigid, and highly workable slab structure.

Lapitec slabs are manufactured with ceramic materials used for producing tiles, more commonly referred to as 'ceramic granite' or 'porcelain grês'.

Lapitec comes in slabs measuring 150 x 340 cm, which can be easily processed by any stone fab shop worldwide and cut to size to meet project specifications. The slabs are available in thicknesses from 1 to 3 cm.

Lapitec slabs are available in plain colours or patterns in a choice of finishes such as smooth, polished, sandblasted, 'textured slate' or 'flamed granite' to make it a logical choice for even the most avant-garde design projects.

Lapitec slabs can be used for cladding ventilated or normal façades, stairs, window sills, tabletops, kitchen counters and vanity tops.

Lapitec  is the ideal solution across a number of applications when having to satisfy specific design and project requirements: appeal, brilliance, colour, resistance to acid, scratch and wear resistance, fire and impact resistance, uniform finish and UV ray resistance. Moreover, Lapitec is waterproof, freeze resistant and ideal for any climate.

Lapitec maintains its original properties and surface effect when exposed to ever-changing climate and weather conditions (including acid rain, freeze-thaw cycles, cold, heat and sun).

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