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Bangabandhu Open Theatre, bandarban ( chittagong hill tracts), Bangladesh

Thursday 30 Jun 2011

A new era of cultural integration

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03/07/11 architect anjuman, chittagong
that's our doshomik steps of participation, ....its so pleasure to entry this type of wards..thanks all who inspired us..........dekhajak ki hoi....
01/07/11 architect anjuman, chittagong
that's a great job of doshomik sthapathi . we are trying to lead a civic project through conceptual and practical environment . it's more important issue that we are participating here.......thanks all
01/07/11 shuvo03, khulna
well done eme vai...proud of you...keep rocking..!
30/06/11 architect reaz, dhaka
it 's great to see a civic building project submitted for such international award from Bangladesh. The Open Theatre is dedicated to Sheik Mujibur Rahman, who is the father of the nation of Bangladesh,who tries through his entries life to keep the nation under one umbrella. in socio-cultural aspect the project may play a vital role to dissolve the differences between Bangalees and Indegenious people. best wishes for architect mustiafiz ( doshomik sthapathi).
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Award Entry

New venue as platform for uniting local indegenous tribes and Bangalee settlers 

The Bangabandhu Open Theatre is located in the Bandarban District in the Hill Tract region of Bangladesh, inhabited by ethnic Bangalees and Indegenious tribes.

The theatre is a shaded open structure aiming to create a platform for public gatherings and cultural exchange programs. The backdrop will have terracotta work depicting the cultural images of Bandarban and a portrait of Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman.

The idea of the Civic Building came from government's desire to bridge the gap between Bangalees and the ethnic hill communities and promote greater understanding between the two distinctive people. As the creator of independent Bangladesh and father of the nation, Sheik Mujibur Rahman's ideology was to dissolve the differences between people of different religions, castes and ethnic backgrounds in the country. It also satisfies the clients' desire to create a space congenial for interaction and assembly of the people. The Open Theatre is dedicated to Sheik Mujibur Rahman.

The structure has been conceived as the spread out wings of a bird. Lightness has been achieved by the steel truss. The slightly angular concrete columns depict legs of the bird. Just as a bird brings all her chicks under her wings, the proposed structure creates a sense of togetherness between the two distinct cultural groups. It gives them a setting to meet and express their cultural practices openly and in harmony.

Rainfall is a major climatic feature. Attention has been given to retain and discharge rainwater at the intersections. Deep overhangs - and louver panels on the sides provide protection. Wide pedestrian paths facilitate public accessibility. The boundary wall allows unobstructed view without compromising the security needs. As regards to landscaping, trees, flowering bushes and earthen sculptures are considered.

The backdrop terracotta wall depicts the Bangladesh map and distinctive cultural practices of the two races including a portrait of Bangabandhu. Bamboo is a major building material in the region. Conscious effort has been given to depict bamboo construction principles and aesthetics. Since little attention is paid towards maintenance of public buildings in Bangladesh, steel and concrete has been used for long term sustainability. The expression of bamboo is evident.

Key Facts

Status Concept and design approved and now early stage of construction.
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doshomik sthapathi

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