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RM Room Module, Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Austria

Wednesday 29 Jun 2011

'Everything in place'

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Dividing wall and shelf unit creates a pleasant working atmosphere while improving office efficiency 

The RM Room Module is the ultimate divider wall for open office landscapes. It divides offices, can be opened for collaboration and facilitates communication, the work process and space efficiency.

Designed by Johannes Scherr and launched in the Autumn of 2009, Bene's RM Room Module is a freestanding hybrid comprised of a dividing wall and a shelf unit. A stable aluminium frame with integrated cable tray forms the core of the dividing wall. This base element can be expanded on both sides with panels, boxes, shelves, tables, lighting and other elements - and can be everything from a dividing wall with an acoustic screen to a highly efficient, fully furnished workplace.

The RM Room Module is flexible and grows to meet your needs: starting at 60 cm, the module can be extended in mm-increments to about 2.40 m and has a height range from 59 to 211 cm. Its most straightforward application is that of a dividing wall. This allows you to define protected areas in the open office. These areas can be expanded by attaching wall cabinets, storage spaces or glass elements, and openings provide transparency. A lamp and a desk upgrade the RM Room Module to a workplace. A single unit can be doubled when desks are added on both sides. RM Room Modules can be readily expanded, and multiple workplaces can dock on to them in a row.

The RM Room Module's specific effect and character lies in the hands of the planners: they decide on the height, whether to have more wall space or more shelves, how transparent, open or closed it should be, whether the surfaces are smooth or have textile coverings. The RM Room Module can be designed like a façade along the office corridors: it can have closed surfaces, openings and various functions. Specific colours and materials such as melamine, veneer, glass, perspex and colourful fabrics can turn it into an attractive corporate identity carrier, with a zoning effect and transparency for light, vision and communication. Moreover, the acoustic version, with an Alphaw value of 0.8, absorbs up to 80% of all the sound energy that occurs. This is an important function that makes the RM Room Module an effective component for a pleasant work atmosphere and for motivated employees.

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