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Hospitality destination, Pune, India

Monday 03 Dec 2007

A gift wrapped offering

Planet 3 Studios Architecture Pvt. Ltd. 
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Planet 3 Studios Architecture Pvt. Ltd. gift wraps a hospitality destination in traditional Indian ‘Jali’ with outsized paisley motif cutouts. 

It is the public face of this hospitality building at Pune, India and how it is articulated that makes the design interesting. The thought was not to create another default modernist glass box lacking local sensitivity. Having researched a lot of local historical references, studied the immediate climatic conditions Planet 3 Studios Architecutre came upon a uniquely Indian solution. A ‘JALI’ is a geometrically patterned, carved screen that differentiates the outside from inside. It is porous and in hot climate allows filtered light and ventilation to pass through. In Pune, many pleasure abodes of the local Rajas had these intricate screens. In an age of industrially produced building materials and technology, ‘Jalis’ still evoke craftsmanship and luxury of another era. The glass building is gift wrapped in an external skin of patterned ‘Jali’ an exact reproduction of a local palace window detail. Punctured with large paisley cutouts, the shape of which was obtained again from local craft and design sources, the external screen is a unique take on local design references. The ‘Jali’ skin wraps around the building, maintaining requisite distance from the glass inside, carries on to the terrace areas where it provides partial shade over outdoor seating. The shape and the form casts interesting shadow patterns on the terrace.
Design Team: Santha Gour Mattoo, Kalhan Mattoo, Kanwaldeep Kapoor, Prashant Ghosh, Roy.

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Planet 3 Studios Architecture Pvt. Ltd.

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