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Technical Resort – Multifunctional business house, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Friday 30 Nov 2007

Generator of new life

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The New Technical Resort in the city of Ljubljana – a multifunctional business house 

The industrial context of the new business palace with public program implies a simple volume which becomes complex on the inside, animating end engaging the occupants. What is specific about the site are large green areas and fascinating large scale- industrial hangars' facades vis-a-vis the building, reminding of the latent history of the 'Litostroj' industrial zone that is now being redeveloped. The concept of preserving the existing greenery within the already rather visually degraded future 'Litostroj' technology and business park becomes the site's genius loci. Intertwined with a diverse public and commercial program it provides a very attractive, dynamic and creative working environment, extending activity past working hours. The planned office, services and recreational programs are threaded along a continuous programmatic ‘ribbon’ that envelopes the multilevel green and common open areas within the building. Embedded in this space, like in an intercellular material of an organism, ‘float’ elevated pods that house various extra-curriculum and business–related activities. These present an added-value to the regular working environment of the office, serving also as means of vertical communication. Contrary to the typology of the surrounding buildings that speaks of utilitarian monotony of their program this building presents itself as a generator of new life and concepts in this brownfield area undergoing a radical redevelopment.

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