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Bakrkoy Hospital for Psychiatry and Neurology, Istanbul, Turkey

Saturday 30 Apr 2011

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TUSPA works with doctors and administrators to generate a healthcare model that works for everyone 

The brief for this hospital was to maintain a process to extract potentialities for the renowned site of the current hospital and extract a new typology pattern for contemporary psychiatric clinics; something the architects feel is in need of a total remake. The site was allocated to psychiatric care by the initial Turkish parliament in 1927, in place of the Ottoman barracks. The site, covering 150 hectares, has faced much dilapidation since then, mainly by other civil occupiants, such as a women’s prison, or NGO’s such as a rescue centre for homeless children.

The current buildings at the site are low-tech; they are not designed to withstand the region's earthquakes and are deemed insufficient for current trends in psychiatry. Therefore, the design task was suitable to accommodate a 'parametric propagation setup' design, involving both the urban and building scales.

TUSPA worked in multiple scales and formed interrelation models that described both abstract and physical forces intact at the site and the program. These include: the green masses; the circulation in and around the site (including an airplane landing route overhead); the traffic of the motorway and noise levels; the privacy and security poles; ratios of inner and outer spaces and ratios of personnel and patient numbers.

Due to the appetite of the doctors and administrators for getting involved, they worked together with the architects and, due to the process based methodology used, it was possible to have iterative design sessions. Therefore the team did not arrive at only one but rather matrices of solutions that got to be compared, tested and discoursed.

The design was merely a set of rules that was refined and adjusted as the government agents and the stakeholders (other occupants of the site) voiced different expectations. This served hospital management in their strive to fight at various platforms for better standards for 4,000 existing patients and their future therefore enabled a discussion platform. The project is not an end but a means to better decision making process and policy making. As an outcome of this process, TUSPA were asked to design sample psychiatric clinics to set criteria assessment in future projects.

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