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Seoul Seonam Hospital, Seoul, South Korea

Thursday 28 Apr 2011

New forms for the older generation

Samoo Architects & Engineers 
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A new paradigm in hospital design for the aging society 

As the senior population increases rapidly, the number of geriatric diseases such as apoplexy and dementia is increasing quickly. However, the number of medical facilities for specialised treatment is insufficient to meet the increasing demand. This hospital specialises in care for the elderly and is open to seniors of low-income groups. It broke social prejudices about hospitals for aged people by planning a new form, space and type of a hospital which adapts to the urban environment.

By utilising the differences in levels of the site, multiple entrances have been created on B-1 level and the ground level. These multiple entrances have been coordinated in a three dimensional way in relation to various outdoor spaces that will enable easy access and create an open image for the public.

Accessing the hospital from the front, the entrance plaza separates the circulation paths of pedestrians and cars for safety. Moreover, Hospital Street clearly separates and connects the outpatient department. The green axis that connects Entrance Plaza, courtyard and backyard and the green zone that connects the neighbourhood park will be extended to the wards, creating a three dimensional Vertical Garden.

In order to create a high quality curing environment, various sunken and indoor /outdoor gardens have been installed in multiple locations that form a green network. This network of greenery not only enlightens the environment but it also enables natural lighting and ventilation. The hospital did not follow the fixed elevation form of the existing hospitals, and it presented a friendly appearance to the seniors by using wood panels, wood louvers and terracotta ceramic panels. Curtain walls present the light sick rooms while horizontal louvers present the image of an urban hospital.


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Samoo Architects & Engineers

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