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i-SUITE Hotel, Rimini, Italy

Thursday 28 Apr 2011

The shape of things to come

Simone Micheli Architectural Hero 
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Award Entry

Simone Micheli brings new design concepts to the i-SUITE Hotel 

i-SUITE, a five star hotel in Rimini, represented a great challenge to set new standards and eliminate bias in the hotel sector. Simone Micheli took the adventure of creating a place where people feel at ease, are amazed and they could keep a happy memory of the place and of the city. These ideas influenced Micheli to design rooms all having different shapes, not resembling parallelepipeds, but rather the irregular spaces of a luxurious mansion while being at the same time as domestic as a cosy house.

The spacious rooms vary in size from 40 sq m and 50 sq m up to 70 sq m, giving guests a great sense of freedom. All the rooms overlook the beach or the sea enabling the guests to enjoy the view both in winter and in summer. In addition, there was the intention to revolutionise the reception area, as i-SUITE is not just a hotel but rather a private space where authentic relations between people can be formed. That is why Micheli disposed with the idea of the traditional reception desk which establishes a hierarchy between the customer and the reception staff. Instead, the staff welcome visitors in the same way as friends would welcome guests into their home, with a tight handshake and smile.

Furthermore, Simone Micheli made a daring and informal choice to dedicate the most important part of the building to the wellness centre, which is the higher and most panoramic area of the building. This resulted in an place full of light and energy, benefiting from the sun's warmth which is linked to the external swimming pool by a lift. The pool resembles a large sculpture made up of water which remains at 35 degrees even in winter.

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Simone Micheli Architectural Hero

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