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Private Villa, Szarvas-hegy, Hungary

Tuesday 26 Apr 2011

An architect at home...

All images courtesy of Tamas Bujnovszky 
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04/05/11 James VanderMolen, Grand Rapids
...and a nod to the Barcelona Pavilion


Architema Studio principal invites WAN readers to take a look at his private residence 

The self-designed home of an architect is the holy grail of residential properties – a design professional creating their own personal depiction of the perfect house. This private villa is the self-styled home of Lajos Kuknyó, principal partner at the Architema Studio, nestled at the foot of the Szarvas-hegy 20km from the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

Internally, the communal spaces on the ground floor are merged into a single volume, separated by part-walls that form interior boundaries. A number of immense glass panes permit thick shafts of sunlight to permeate the internal space, also acting as a transitory border between inside and outside areas.

Kuknyó explains: “The quality of the space in which we live, work and improve our minds shapes our character fundamentally. As architects, we shape space, but then that space shapes us. This is what makes us think that quality architecture is always justified.”

Following on from this theorem, the pathways that connect the first floor bedrooms are formed by meandering garden walkways on the planted rooftop terrace. The floor plans and layouts are logical, with natural materials coupled with strict geometry mirroring the colours and motifs in the lush garden foliage.

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