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Children’s Hospital of Soochow University, Suzhou, China

Tuesday 26 Apr 2011

The next generation in health

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Forms for a children’s hospital inspired by the process of cell division 

A new destination dedicated to the health and healing of China’s children will soon appear in the Yangtze Delta Region. The concept for the design of Suzhou Children’s Hospital was inspired by the human body’s natural way of growing and healing: the process of mitosis, or cell division. The hospital’s form mimics the telophase of cell division, when the most complex, flexible, efficient and routine processes occur. This creates an overall building shape that is flexible and efficient, as well as conducive to the most complex and routine patient care activities, healthcare research and educational opportunities.

Suzhou Children’s Hospital will provide a healing environment that responds to the unique needs of pediatric patients, their families and the staff that cares for them. The curvilinear forms of the architecture and the sensitive use of color and texture will make this a very approachable facility. Furthermore, this hospital will offer the full continuum of care for a vulnerable patient population in efficient inpatient and outpatient settings. The facility also serves as a superior model for translational health sciences, with research and education cores fully integrated into the hospital. The design encourages consistent collaboration among scientists, researchers and physicians focused on the advancement of medical research to benefit pediatric patients and extend better health to the greater population.

Suzhou Children’s Hospital will include all the necessary components to facilitate the understanding of diseases, from scientific discovery through development of trial and clinical applications. The project embeds itself into the regional context through respectful interpretation of traditional Chinese gardens, for which the area is famous. Penetrating the building mass with shafts of light and open gardens allows patients and families to experience the abundant healing properties of nature. Natural light and ventilation play significant roles in achieving a three-star sustainability score, China’s highest.

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