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Petra Gipp, stockholm, Sweden

Monday 11 Apr 2011

If you go down to the woods today...

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Award Entry

Petra Gipp has created a refugium in the heart of Grimeton Nature Reserve, Sweden 

Grimeton nature reserve is part of Åkulla beech woods area, situated a couple of miles east of Varberg, close to the world heritage site of Grimeton. A dramatic nature reserve that rises over the flat arable lands along the sea coast, where highly situated on a plateau by one of the smaller lakes, Rörsjön, the refugium is solitarily located.

On the top of the hill, the house is situated, low-voiced and functional, with the dark introvert façade where only the entrance box breaks the otherwise austere façade.Whilst walking along the steep slope towards the house one sees, through the entrance box and the whole building, the magnificent view over the woods and the lake, which with its mist creates an almost bewitching atmosphere.

Window panes and picture planes at different distances supported by the guidelines formed by the walls, together with the forest, enhance the drama of these woods. The house has sharp contrasts between the caring inside and the wild exterior.

The construction, in tarred wood, stands on an open foundation and details made out of concrete, zinc and teak add sophistication. The volume is distinct and the details are carefully made.

To build within a nature reserve, it is required to take into consideration the inhabitation of the old forest; humbleness towards the forest, despite the interference, is necessary. A foundation high above the ground demonstrates the wish to leave the ground untouched, visually and conceptually. Casting a fireplace effectively states the necessity of making it possible to inhabit the place.

The architectural interpretation of the refugium has the intention to represent a habitation and workplace for the care and administration of the forest in forthcoming generations.

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