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Nuovo Palazzo Provincia de Bolzano, Italy

Friday 08 Apr 2011

Behind the exterior...

All images courtesy of OFL Architecture 
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Sculptural concept for Province of Bolzano designed to bring Italian history to life 

The concept for the new building of the Province of Bolzano, born from a sculpture idea generated by the desire to establish continuity with the past of the city of Bolzano, is seen as a re-construction of memories, spirit of places and iconological transposition of the symbols of history of the architecture of the city.

From this ideological assumption, the innovative study carried out on the skin/facade of the new organism recalls one of the iconographic symbols of the city, the Duomo. In fact, the trend of the ribs of the great vaults ‘a crociera’, projected on the three naves, have permitted the extrapolation of the particular generator module of the new skin.

The plan of the Cathedral of Bolzano becomes the generator to the architectural composition of the entire facade of the new building, which looks organic, alive, pure and dynamically opens outwards into the whole territory. The proposal is the stylistic facade of a building put simply in terms of volume and floor plans. It consists of two cores for the vertical distribution with ladders and hydraulic lifts and also contains sanitary facilities and kitchenettes plan. This leads to various levels of offices free of pillars.

The building comprises a total of 9 floors above ground and 2 underground levels. The ground floor consists of an arcade, obtained by pulling back the building's perimeter wire of the main facade, thus allowing the integration between the road and the new building. The atrium entrance porch is an inviting area that separates the children’s area from a café and the accessibility of employees from passers-by.

A staircase leads to the mezzanine level architecture in which is distributed the functions of the common area such as the central store, the small meeting room, the exam room and a small closet. From the 1st to the 7th floor are located all the offices required by the functional program. Each office level also contains service rooms of photocopying, kitchenette and small archives, as well as shared toilets for men, women and the disabled. The offices are separated by frosted glass partitions and each has an opening window to provide the right natural ventilation and natural lighting.

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