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H2o Architects, Melbourne, Australia

Friday 08 Apr 2011

Green learning

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Award Entry

Swinburne University designed as a practical and affordable low energy facility 

The SUT ATC is the first project to be awarded Five Stars by the Green Star Education v.1 tool of AGBR. The building is designed to be a practical and affordable low energy facility with an accent on natural ventilation, daylighting, material reuse and low energy materials.

The operation of the project aims to produce a 25% reduction of energy consumption in relation to comparable facilities and will be monitored for performance over the life of the building.

Low energy escalators and no energy open stairs are used as the primary vertical transportation process. Low energy consumption is also assisted by sensible approaches to high volume usage occupant travel paths, such as escalators, balconies and enclosed stairs.

The planning of the building also has a focus on increased space utilization, allowing future flexibility and low energy reconfiguration. The facility's auditorium is designed for increased utilization with its retractable seating, paired with minimised artificial lighting from maximized daylighting and natural ventilation options.

Improved building commissioning from commissioning clauses means that practical completion is delayed until the commissioning is proven and multiple occupant information sessions covering the Building User Guide (BUG) improve the end operation of the facility.

Advanced commissioning protocols reinforced by the Construction Contractor are being contractually obligated to remain on site for at least a month after the completion of defects and commissioning periods, ensuring the successful handover and operation of the project.

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