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Dake Wells Architecture, Springfield, Missouri, United States

Thursday 07 Apr 2011

Design as a discipline

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Dake Wells Architecture explain how they develop their work through originality, innovation, form and sustainability 

Dake Wells Architecture focuses on ingenuity in problem solving with limited means, while designing places that inspire people and enrich the human spirit. Their approach is to develop design solutions based on logic and rational problem solving, but without the preconceived ideas that have been repeated before. Each project is analysed and conceptualised afresh, with rigor and a healthy dose of wit.

The team are motivated by the pursuit of excellence in architectural design. they call it "the work." Their passion for exceptional design and the realisation of ideas alongside their clients is what motivates them. ‘We know we have to make money to be a viable business, but money doesnʼt motivate us. The work does'. They remain committed to design excellence, fulfilling a growing niche in the market for innovative spaces and thoughtful, sometimes unconventional problem solving.

The company claim design is a discovery process. They search for the circumstances, for inspiration, for the right diagram, and the right design solution seems to emerge. They are pioneering the use of BIM (building information modeling) software technology in order to design and construct better buildings. In addition, they still build physical models to study and present their designs. These production tools allow them to design, produce and manage multi-million dollar projects efficiently and effectively.

As architects, they are trained to think broadly, conceptually and collaboratively to solve problems. They offer clients the combined art and science of architecture, eschewing self-indulgent expression in favour of clever, collaborative solutions, with the full support of the clients seeking innovation. Rather than following the trend towards specialisation in a particular project type, Dake Wells Architecture specialise in design as a discipline, applicable to a variety of architectural challenges, including those of sustainable practices.

Dake Wells Architecture is a design-centered practice specialising in architecture, interiors and graphics, with an emphasis on progressive and sustainable design solutions. The firm was founded in 2004 by Brandon Dake, AIA, LEED AP and Andrew Wells, AIA, LEED AP, and has grown to its current size of 10 full time employees. Located in downtown Springfield, Missouri. Dake Wells Architecture's reputation is growing as the leader in intelligent design solutions for progressive clients and the firm is committed to raising the level of architectural design excellence in the Ozarks region of the United States.

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Dake Wells Architecture

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