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Locus Architects, Bangalore, India

Tuesday 05 Apr 2011

The cultural past and the technological present

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Uniting a rich tradition of regional architecture with hi-tech contemporary methods 

The work of Locus Architects focuses on unearthing concepts from the rich heritage of their regional architectural style and deploying these concepts with the technology of the present.

This 2.25 acre residential development of 150 units of varying sizes, focuses on a unifying thought intends to showcase the high sustainability of the VEDIC lifestyle, reflected in the lifestyle of the inhabitants and in the consumption and utilization of goods and resources.

The commune will have people from across the world living and sharing common goals and is designed to accommodate and allow for a communal, open, unfettered style of living reminiscent of the Vedic past in India. Positioned as a pilot project , it is intended to showcase the Indian art of building and the utilisation of natural resources, to harness them in a very eco-friendly way.

Activity spaces act as nodes and containers and are positioned carefully to allow for intermingling and to encourage intercultural exchanges.
Traditional planning - including the use of VAASTU SHASTRA, an age-old planning and construction science of the region, and MANAI ADI SHASTRA, for building proportioning systems - form efforts to revive and relive the best of the cultural past.

The altering of the micro-climate on site is achieved through a host of simple techniques, including: wind towers, eye-lid windows, swivelling pergolas, flipping windows, solar-paneled chajjas, green curtains and dissolving balconies, all combining to provide an environmentally sustainable, low-on-operation structure.

The interiors carry the spirit of minimalism and openness by eliminating extraneous features and, by utilising each element of the building in multiple ways, climatic comfort is achieved passively. The reduced parking demand and very minimal vehicular circulation add to the security and reduce disturbance to site on a long-term basis.

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