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Herman Soepardi, Kuching, Malaysia

Monday 04 Apr 2011

One small step for man...

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13/04/11 Artistar, Jakarta
Very interesting futuristic city.. Hope will be real in few years.

Award Entry

HBCSC, a concept for world survival units in the face of natural disaster 

In the past few decades, the earth has brought human society to its attention with an increasing number of natural disasters, affecting both humanity itself and our urban systems.

The Indian Ocean tsunami of 26 December 2004 wiped out the entire 400,000-citizen city of Banda Aceh, leaving hundreds of years of historical architecture in debris, while an increasing number of volcanic and earthquake activity has continued to occur in various parts of the world. Recently, north-east Japan - an area of coastal cities well-prepared for cataclysmic destruction - was hit by a potent earthquake and tsunamis that flattened its cities, taking the lives of thousands and the homes of millions. This seems to confirm that no nation is immune to Nature's calamity; mankind needs unity to maintain its civilization.

The dream of the Human Bio Cellular Space Concept (HBCSC) city is the formation of an international property in a mission to unite humanity. The system would be run by the International Time, Space and Energy Advisory Council organization and supported by the International Green Earth Squad executive, its global network organization consisting of global International cities.

Each city is a survival unit, its purpose to assist the economical development of its wide range of neighbouring cities and villages. HBCSC is equipped with hi-tech early warning systems of airborne, sea and ground movement or climate changes, mass rescue mobile units and the world's best public services.

HBCSC's duty is to alert people to a coming calamity, then to evacuate the nearby cities and villages. After disasters, HBCSC would give aid to all the refugees by redeveloping its habitat, infrastructure, agrosystem and economy. Aid packages are in contrast based on human action; once the refugees have survived the economic crisis, they are to return the soft sustainability fund to the HBCSC international treasury.

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